The Ginger Armadillo

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We are more than just a food truck. The Ginger Armadillo is our answer to the problems of the modern food industry.

Do you know why Michelin stars —the international standard for gourmet excellence—are called “Michelin” stars? Because they’re sponsored by the Michelin tire company. Yeah, that Michelin. The one with a big anthropomorphic pile of tires for a mascot. In 1900, the Michelin brothers started publishing a guide to restaurants in France. They sold those guides to their automobile-owning customers, who were wealthy and had a taste for gourmet food. Those French aristocrats needed a guide to restaurants because they were using their cars to travel to areas where they didn’t know anyone.

That tiny shift in dining culture—from eating at a local restaurant to driving somewhere and eating food prepared by someone you don’t know—was the first step in the alienation of people from their food communities. The supermarket was invented in New York in 1915, dividing food consumers from food producers. Over the course of the twentieth century agriculture became industrialized and corporatized. Today four companies own more than 80% of all U.S. farms.

Before the modern food industry, people got food from other people. You went to the market and bought produce from the guy who grew it. You ate at a restaurant run by people you knew. That is where local cuisines came from. Not from the food network, not from celebrity chefs, not from millionaire restaurateurs, not from some chain restaurant’s research kitchen. It came from communities of people, eating together. Come be a part of our community.

All of the chicken and produce used by The Ginger Armadillo is sourced locally. We make every one of our menu items entirely from scratch, meaning no processed foods and no artificial preservatives. Be a part of our food community.