Our Story

A true labor of love, The Ginger Armadillo wasn’t born overnight. It began as a cookbook ‘Gourmet Meals in Crappy Little Kitchens’ and became a food truck ‘The Crappy Little Chuckwagon’. After much deliberation on the wisdom of having the word ‘Crap’ on your mobile food business, The Ginger Armadillo was born. Ginger being an ingredient in gourmet food worldwide, not to mention that Chef Jen is in fact a ginger, well the rest is history.

Chef Jen
You'll find me behind the grill and sometimes out-front. I'm an actual ginger, so although I would have sold my soul to start my own business, clearly that wasn't an option... It just took a lot of really hard work instead.

This is our truck, Maggie. She now has a fancy Ginger Armadillo makeover, but it's important to me that we stay close to our roots. This is the way Maggie looked when I first fell in love with her:

We have a dedicated crew of hard working locals who day or night, rain or shine make delicious gourmet Texas for you and serve it with a smile.